Sahyadri Garden & Nursery

Sahyadri Garden & Nursery is the Landscaping contractor in Mangalore. It was  established in 1998. We aim to promote environmental sustainability and make our country pollution-free and encourage our customers to purchase plants to be with nature.

We are well known as Garden contractor. We aim at building an excellent reputation and growing our business by selling beautiful plants that you can decorate your home or veranda with.

Greenery is the best form of decoration. We are the Local gardeners in Mangalore thus have plenty of scented and wonderful plants to choose from. 

With the concept of offering complete gardening solutions under one roof we provide Garden maintenance services. Sahyadri Garden & Nursery has continuously strived to cater to the needs of the community by offering garden products and services to decrease carbon footprint.

About us

We are committed to deliver you greenery as a way of life to help convert your dream of living in a clean environment into reality. Our aim is to become the catalyst that enhances the quality of life. So working as Landscape designing, we serve this purpose. We identify only those products which are environment-friendly and meet our stringent standards of quality. 

We are striving to achieve our vision of bringing people closer to nature by products like Air purifying plants, Indoor Plants. We provide the most beautiful plants for decorating your home and  office. We are Decorative plants suppliers in Mangalore  offering plants at affordable price.

Our earth is at a tipping point! By the end of this century most of the lives on earth are in danger due to increase in the temperature. So as Nursery suppliers in Mangalore our mission is to keep the earth same if not safer for our next generations.

We intend to provide greening solutions for institutions and individuals.We help people by giving them plants in bulk as Nursery Wholesalers and Retailers in Mangalore.

Our Category:

  • Cactus & Succulents.
  • Bonsai plants.
  • Flowering plants.
  • Climbers & creepers.

Our services:

  • Landscape design.
  • Garden maintenance.

Sahyadri Garden & Nursery

Mr. Ramesh M

Mobile: 9343347232


Address: N.H.66, near Indian Hospital,

pump well,

Mangalore – 575002